Temperature 5986F 1530C Propagation By division Difficulty

There are many individual plants within a dump of crystalwort

Scientific name:

Rotala macrandra

Common name: Giant red rotala

Origin: India

The deep red color of this delicate, oval-leaved plant contrasts well with lighter green species, but bear in mind that the stunning leaf color is dependent on strong lighting and iron-rich fertilizer. Transport and plant it carefully, as the stems are sensitive and easily damaged. Rotala macrandra is best planted in groups in front of taller species. Planting stems of various heights, with taller plants toward the back, will create a more pleasing group.

Maximum height: 20 in (50 cm)

Growth rate: Medium

Area: Background, Midground Light: Bright to Very Bright Temperature: 77-86°F (25-30°C) Propagation: From cuttings Difficulty: 3, 4

Although the leaves are small and the distance between them (the nodes) is large, if planted in groups, this plant will appear quite dense.

Temperature And Plant

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