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Featuring the healthiest aquatic plants this side ot the Amazon The Aquarium Center delivers a complete selection ot domestic and imported cultivated aquatic plants from throughout the tropical world. Visit Our Web Site There is a wide varity of substrates for use in today's planted aquarium. Due to the growth and popularity of aquatic plants, new products are being introduced all the time. This is good for us gardeners, but it only adds to the confusion over which...

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Fine Aquatic amp Tropical Plants 520-742-3777 Japanese photographer artist Takashi Amano's uniquely creative aquarium n.s have taken the aquarium world by storm, as witnessed by the success hi three other books published by T.F.H. Publications, and the response to the presentation of his articles and photos of his beautifully planted aquariums in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. The Amano planted aquarium creations n inside this book will beckon readers to try their own hands...

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Planted Aquaria ISSN 1529-9228 is published quarterly for 20 per year by Planted Aquaria, 7 Gateview Court, San Francisco CA 94116-1941. Application to mail at Periodicals Postage Rates is pending at San Francisco CA. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Planted Aquaria, 7 Gateview Court, San Francisco CA 94116-1941. Subscriptions 20 year 38 two years, add 8 per year outside USA. Planted Aquaria, Issue 2, Summer 2000 Copyright 2000, Dave Gomberg, All rights reserved No responsibility assumed for...