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Japanese Photographer For Fish

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by Takaflhi Amano

Japanese photographer/artist Takashi Amano's uniquely creative aquarium ■n.s have taken the aquarium world by storm, as witnessed by the success hi* three other books published by T.F.H. Publications, and the response to the presentation of his articles and photos of his beautifully planted aquariums in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. The Amano planted aquarium creations n inside this book will beckon readers to try their own hands at making aquariums as vibrant and attractive as his. no the author has provided plenty of detailed information about each of his creations, from the names of the plants used right through such considerations as the exact size of the tanks, the amount and duration of the lighting. and pH and hardness factors. The information and photos are presented not so that they can be imitated detail for detail, but so that they can serve as inspirations for readers to create aquascapes of their own that rival Amano's in beauty and feeling. TFH Sty!« *TS 314 • 64 page»; hard cover: * t II" • C* fulUolor photo« aod ¿Utttfratfofij • SG.*S

Available at pet shops everywhere, or call J/800'63i/2188 T.F.H.IVfalfcatkms. Inc.. Or* TFH Pirn.Third* Union Anrm,«.Neptcu least.

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