Division Neoselachii

Includes all modern sharks and rays. Two clades of sharks are recognized, the Galeomorphi and the Squalomorphi (ranked as superorders). Compagno (2001), which is followed here for most of the general classification, placed the squalomorphs before the galeomorphs. The opposite arrangement is followed here, after de Carvalho (1996) and Shirai (1996). Since this is a two-node system there are no phylogenetic implications in this difference. The arrangement also places the rays at the end as has been conventional in past classifications. The continued recognition of the rays (batoids) as separate from the sharks is discussed above under Euselachii. The neoselachian fossil record extends back to the Early Jurassic, and Maisey et al. (2004) gave a list of the earliest records of their modern taxa.

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