Family Alepisauridae 195lancetfishes Marine Atlantic Indian and Pacific

Body slender (covered with pores in Alepisaurus); scales and light organs absent; dorsal fin in Alepisaurus high and extending along most of body (originating over opercle and with 29-48 rays), in Omosudis only 9-12; anal fin low with 12-18 rays; pelvics abdominal with 8-10 rays; mouth large; teeth well developed, palatines especially long; vertebrae in Alepisaurus 47-51, 39-41 in the shorter Omosudis; swim bladder absent. Length up to 2 m in Alepisaurus, 20 cm in Omosudis.

Omosudis was recognized in its own family, Omosudidae, in Nelson (1994).

Two genera, Alepisaurus (2, upper figure) and Omosudis (O. lowei, lower figure), with three species (e.g., Paxton and Niem, 1999; Thompson, 2003a).

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