Family Apteronotidae 165ghost knifefishes Freshwater Panama and South America

Small caudal fin (with fin rays) present that is not united to the anal fin; fleshy dorsal organ (a longitudinal strip attached to posterodorsal midline, resembling an adipose fin); neurogenic electric organ in adults. Maximum length 1.3 m, attained in Apteronotus magdalenesis.

Thirteen genera (with another being described), Adontosternarchus (4), Apteronotus (19, synonyms Tembeassu and Ubidia), Compsaraia (1), Magosternarchus (2), Megadontognathus (2), Orthosternarchus (1), Parapteronotus (1), Platyurosternarchus (1), Porotergus (2), Sternarchella (4), Sternarchogiton (1), Sternarchorhamphus (1), and Sternarchorhynchus (6), with about 45 species (Albert, 2001, 2003b; Albert and Crampton, 2005). The genus Apteronotus is artificial and six of the 19 species do not belong in it (Albert and Crampton, 2005).

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