Family Artedidraconidae 429barbeled plunderfishes Marine deepwater Antarctic

Body naked; gill membranes broadly united to isthmus; spinous dorsal fin present, with 1-7 flexible spines; mouth protractile; chin barbel present; opercle with hook-shaped spine; four or five hypurals; vertebrae 33-41.

Nelson recognized this as a subfamily of Harpagiferidae (although the two lineages are distinct, they also form a monophyletic group). It is recognized now following earlier studies by R. R. Eakin and, subsequently, by J. C. Hureau in 1986; its recognition is generally accepted (e.g., Eastman and Eakin, 2000).

Four genera, Artedidraco, Dolloidraco, Histiodraco, and Pogonophryne, with about 25 species (e.g., Eastman and Eakin, 2000).

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