Family Callichthyidae 131callichthyid armored catfishes Freshwater Panama and South America

Body with two rows of overlapping bony plates on each side; swim bladder encased in bone; mouth small and ventral; one or two pairs of well-developed barbels present, and shorter processes usually on upper jaw and on lower jaw; dorsal and pectoral fins with strong spine; spine at anterior border of adipose fin. Some species can move short distances on land by utilizing air in vascular hindgut.

Two subfamilies with eight genera and about 177 species (Reis, 2003c). Reis (1998) discussed the fossil record and biogeography of this taxon.

Subfamily Callichthyinae. Snout area depressed. Five genera, Callichthys (2), Dianema (2), Hoplosternum (3, synonym Cataphractops), Lepthoplosternum (4), and Megalechis (2), with 13 species (Reis, 2003c).

Subfamily Corydoradinae. Snout area compressed or rounded. Three genera, Aspidoras (about 18 species), Brochis (3), and Corydoras (about 143 species), with about 164 species (Reis, 2003c).

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