Family Chacidae 150squarehead angler or frogmouth catfishes Freshwater eastern India to Borneo

Head broad, long, and depressed; body compressed posteriorly; mouth terminal, very wide; three or four pairs of small barbels (nasals if present, minute); eyes very small; dorsal fin with one short spine and four soft rays; anal fin with 8-10 soft rays; pectoral fin with one serrated spine and four or five soft rays; pelvic fins large, with six rays; adipose fin confluent with caudal fin; gill rakers absent; branchiostegal rays 6-8; vertebrae 31-35 (14-16 abdominals). Maximum length about 24 cm. On occasions, Chaca uses its maxillary barbels to lure prey fish closer to its large mouth. Diogo et al. (2004c), found new autapomorphies, and in addition their study further supported there being a close relationship between the chacids, the plotosids and the clariids.

One genus, Chaca, with three species (Brown and Ferraris, 1988; Teugels, 2003).

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