Family Hypopomidae 163bluntnose knifefishes Freshwater Panama and South America

Teeth absent on oral jaws; snout relatively short, not tubular; nostrils well separated; anal-fin origin below or posterior to pectoral-fin base. Maximum length only 35 cm, attained in Brachyhypopomus brevirostris; the smallest gym-notiform is Hypopygus lepturus, reaching only 9 cm TL. The common names grass and leaf knifefishes may also be used for this group.

Seven genera, Brachyhypopomus (7), Hypopomus (1, synonym Parupygus), Hypopygus (2), Microsternarchus (1), Racenisia (1), Steatogenys (3), and Stegostenopos (1), with 16 species (Albert and Crampton, 2003b, 2005).

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