Family Ipnopidae 192deepsea tripod fishes Marine Atlantic Indian and Pacific

Eyes minute (first four genera listed here) or plate-like, directed dorsally, and lensless (Ipnops); pseudobranch absent in adult; tip of upper jaw extending past orbit; pyloric caeca absent; dorsal fin rays 8-16; anal fin rays 7-19; pectoral rays 9-24; branchiostegal rays 8-17; vertebrae 44-80; the 18 species of Bathypterois (spiderfishes) have elongated pectoral, pelvic, and caudal rays. Bathysauropsis, formerly recognized in this family, is now in its own family (see above).

Five genera, Bathymicrops, Bathypterois (synonym Benthosaurus) (upper figure), Bathytyphlops (synonym Macristiella), Discoverichthys, and Ipnops (lower figure), with 29 species (e.g., Nielsen and Merrett, 1992; Paxton and Niem, 1999; Sato and Nakabo, 2002a; Thompson, 2003).

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