Family Lophotidae 204crestfishes Marine most oceans

Body with small deciduous cycloid scales (sometimes appearing naked); anal fin small, near caudal and with 5-20 rays; caudal fin normal; pelvic fin, absent or with 2-6 rays; dorsal fin very long with about 220-392 rays and originating above or before tip of snout; swim bladder present; ink sac present, which discharges into cloaca; vertebrae 124-200. The extinct Protolophotus is known from Oligocene deposits in Iran. Maximum length about 200 cm.

Two genera, Lophotus and Eumecichthys (e.g., Olney, 2003), and probably three species (Craig et al., 2004, as noted in Nelson et al., 2004:212, gave evidence that both Lophotus lacepede and L. capellei are valid).

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