Family Notacanthidae 73spiny eels Deepsea worldwide

Branchiostegal membranes at least partly joined; at least part of the dorsal fin posterior to the anus; lateral line not cavernous and well up on the side; scales relatively small, more than 50 longitudinal rows occur on each side; some with the unique feature of having as many as three spinelike rays in each pelvic fin.

Three genera with 10 species.

Lipogenys. Mouth small, toothless, and suctorial; lower jaw short, lying within the suckerlike opening; branchiostegal rays 5-7; gill rakers absent; pectoral girdle somewhat degenerate, cleithrum and supracleithrum absent; dorsal fin base short, with 9-12 rays (the first few spinelike); anal fin base long, with the first 32-44 rays spinelike, total rays about 116-136; pyloric caeca 5-7; verte-

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