Family Scombropidae 358gnomefishes Marine Indo West Pacific and western Atlantic

Eyes relatively large; two moderately high dorsal fins, first with 7-10 spines.

This genus was placed in the family Pomatomidae in Nelson (1994). There, I noted the research of G. D. Johnson published in 1984 and 1986, placing this genus in its own family. I now follow this placement. Johnson in 1986 (see Johnson, 1993:12) also concluded that Scombrops and Pomatomus, along with some acropomatids and Scombrolabrax, may be related to the scombroids (this possible relationship should be studied further). Heemstra (2003a) placed the genus in Acropomatidae. At least two species are Indo-West Pacific with Scombrops oculatus being widespread (it being the only one in the Atlantic, e.g., Bahamas and Caribbean Sea area).

One genus, Scombrops, with about three species (Smith-Vaniz et al., 1999; Heemstra, 2003a).

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