Order Squatiniformes 11angel sharks

Family SQUATINIDAE (40)—angel sharks. Marine, temperate to tropical, continental shelves and upper slopes; Atlantic, southwestern Indian, and Pacific.

Body raylike; eyes dorsal; two spineless dorsal fins; no anal fin; five gill openings; spiracle large; mouth almost terminal; nostrils terminal with barbels on anterior margin. Maximum length up to 2 m.

Squatina and the remaining euselachians (the pristiophorids and the batoids), termed the Hypnosqualean group, were regarded as a clade by Shirai (1992c, 1996) and by de Carvalho (1996).

One genus, Squatina, with 15 species (Compagno, 1984a, 1999, 2005; Shirai, 1992c).


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