Agassizs Dwarf Cichlid

Apistogramma agassizi

Family Cichlidae Distribution Amazon basin.

Description Shape: typical South American dwarf cichlid: elongated body, compressed sides. Very ir,nq dorsal fin. Color: back brownish yellow to greenish blue orange sides, shading to greenish blue at the rear Giii covers have brilliant blue lines and vermiculatii-is Numerous sparkling greenish-blue spots on back .,nd sides A brownish-black line extends from the mout to the base of the caudal fin, without touching the eye A similar line extends from the mouth steeply downwanj -0 the lower edge of the gill cover. The caudal fin is hea i-shaped with color graduations similar to those of a gas flame—grayish green on the outside, then smoky ci y. then a luminous ivory-colored or blue-green zone wuh a luminous orange-red center Size 3 in (7.5-8crrj. males often larger. Sexual differences males larger, w h pointed, elongated dorsal, caudal and anal fins. Environment Similar to A. ramirezi. but less particular. Temperature 66-77 F (19-20 C). pH sligh y acid Water hardness : soft water Substrate and furmswings: as for A. ramirezi.

Feeding Omnivorous, but prefers live food. Biology Behavior peaceable, territorial dwarf cich! J, similar to A. ramirezi Reproduction breeds in cavities see A ramirezi Social life: similar to A. ramirezi

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