Aponogeton Henkelianus

Aponogeton henkelianus

Family Aponogetonaceae. Distribution Madagascar. Description Similar in appearance and form Aponogeton fenestralis. The oblong and variously leaves differ from ihose of A fenestralis only in tl color, which is brownish, while the stalks are reddish Propagat ion By division of the offshoots, rather r rg difficult by seed: when done by seed, water temperature should be 68-77 °F (20-25 "C)

Environment Temperature Usually between 6C F (16 C) and 68 *F (20 C), with possible extremt 0f 57 °F (14'C) and 76 "F (24'C) The water must i,e undisturbed and frequently renewed. pH: neutral or at most, slightly acid Illumination. normal, il pos? e diffuse. Soil sandy, a msxture of coarse sand and a I : e mud.

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