Banana Plant

Nymphoides aquatica

Family Gentianaceae. Nymphoides means water tj|y like, referring to the resemblance between these ¡vv0 plants.

Distribution Atlantic coast of North America, particularly Florida.

Description Adult leaves varying from rounded iq kidney-shaped, 3-4 in (8-1 Ocm) in diameter £ub_ merged leaves, light green with dark red netlike patter ns aerial leaves more intensely green, dark red on the r>. ■, ,Se and heavily spotted. This plant is called the "banana plant" because the top part of the root is swollen ar,[] resembles a bunch of bananas. The plant will flower iv if it is partly submerged Its flowers are white and rather small.

Propagation By division of the shoots that grow on the leaf stalks. The shoots grow tufts of swollen you^g if; | roots.

Environment Temperature. 50-77 "F (10—25 =C). i iBi,oow best around 64-68 °F (18-20 'C). pH: neutral. Wa:er - -' hardness: medium. Illumination bright, but not excessive. Soil sandy.

Note This plant is suitable for temperate and warm aquaria.

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