Banded Cichlid

Cichlasoma severum Family Cichlidae.

Distribution Northern Amazon basin and the Guv anas. Naturalized in southern Nevada (U S.A.). Description Shape: very deep body, almost ova compressed profile. Color: very variable according to provenance, age and mood. Ground color ranges fro brassy yellow to dark brown, the belly always lighter, head and nape often greenish, with reddish-brown or greenish spots and small stripes. Size: up to 8 in (20 cm) Sexual differences: males already recognizable at 2 u (5 cm) by bright red-brown flecks on the head. Environment Temperature 72-81 °F (22-27 *C) pH and water hardness: no special requirements Furnishings during mating period keep in species tan-without vegetation.

Feeding Omnivorous; give plenty of large live food (earthworms, fish), but dried food also. Biology Behavior: territorial and aggressive whe mating. Reproduction: suitable partners can produ 1,000 or more eggs. Social life young fish are peaceat and form schools, as do adults outside the matn period; very territorial in summer. Compatibility: may iv kept with other nonaggressive species.

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