Banded Leporinus

Leporinus fasciatus

Family Anostomidae. Distribution South America.

Description Shape: elongated, torpedo-shaped body, flattened very slightly along the sides. The head is conical with a small snout. A few, powerful teeth. Color: ten vertical bars on a yellow background, darker on adults.Size: upto12in (30cm). Environment Native habitat isslow-flowing, gravelly brooks. Temperature: 72-77 'F (22-25 °C). pH and water hardness: not important. Substrate and furnishings: as the fish are plant-eaters, do not plant feathery vegetation. Sand or gravel bottom with frequent replacement of part of the water with fresh. Feeding Vegetable foods (lettuce, etc.) and worms. Biology Behavior: a schooling fish which swims and leaps very quickly. Keep top firmly closed. Reproduction : not yet successful in the aquarium. Social life: a companionable fish. Very long-lived, if well fed and kept well supplied with fresh water. Compatibility : keep with other head-standers.

Banded Leporinus Fish

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