Black Ruby Barb

Barbus nigrofasciatus

Family Cyprinidae. Distribution Southern Sri Lanka. Description Shape: deep-bodied species win a pointed head; no barbels. Color: normally yellowish gray. In both sexes the head is a fine purple red. Size JB to 2Jin (6cm). Sexual differences: in the female he basal part of all the vertical fins is black, in the male he whole dorsal fin is a deep black, the anal fin blackish rj the pelvic fins reddish. At spawning time the rrvile changes color as represented in the photograph. Environment Quietly flowing, flat stretches of ws: ■ plenty of room needed in an aquarium. Temperatute 68-82 °F (20-28 °C); for breeding 77-82 F (25-28 °C). pH: around 7. Water hardness: soft water; at best use old water, replacing part of it with fresh wner regularly. Illumination and substrate plenty of light a shallow covering of floating plants and ample vegetan..n (half to two-thirds of tank area); a layer of humus should be left on the bottom.

Feeding Omnivorous, with a healthy appetite. Biology Behavior: a lively fish, constantly active, found at any depth. Reproduction: breeding is very simple and productive; but the fish are egg-eate'-;. Compatibility: good for keeping with other barbs and similar fishes.

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