Blackbanded Sunfish

Enneacanthus chaetodon

Family Centrarchidae.

Distribution U.S.A., New Jersev to Maryland. Description Shape: thickset, short and deep body, flat-sided. Color: grayish yellow to greenish yellow with numerous but partly indistinct black vertical bars, often with irregular dark speckles in between. The first two spines of the dorsal fin are black; the following two bright orange-red or red- The first two rays of the pelvic fins are orange; the next two, black. Size up to 4 in (10cm); sexually mature at 2in (5cm). Sexual differ ences: scarcely distinguishable; the females have brighter coloring during the spawning period. Environment Still and gently flowing waters. Temperature: co\6—39-72 °F (4-22 X). The fish keep well in outdoor pools. pH and water hardness medium-hard to hard water with occasional replacement of a portion by fresh water. Illumination, substrate and furnishings: good lighting; deep, sandy bottom; ample vegetation. Feeding Live food.

Biology Behavior: relatively nonaggressive and peaceable. Reproduction: the father tends the young. Social life: form loose schools. Compatibility: may be mixed with peaceable surface-inhabiting fishes that are not too large, but a species tank is even better.

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