Bleedingheart Tetra

Hyphessobrycon rubrostigma

Family Characidae. Distribution Colombia.

Description Shape: deep-bodied. Color: upper part of body grayish green to brown, with light-red sheen; the lower part of the body shows a reddish silver color Throat and belly orange, with mother-of-pearl highlights. Red dorsal fin with broad, white-edged black stripes. A vertical black bar through the eye. Size: 2Jin (6cm). Sexual differences: female bulkier: male has pointed, elongated and enlarged dorsal fin, Environment Temperature around 77 "F (25 "C). pH and water hardness: no reliable information. Illumination and furnishings: plenty of free swimming space, ample vegetation and good lighting. Feeding Varied live food, occasional dried food. Biology Behavior: lively, peaceable schooling fish; a good swimmer. Reproduction: seldom bred. Compatibility :easily maintained in mixed schools.

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