Blind Cavefish

Astyanax mexicanus

Family Characidae. Cave-dwelling variety once considered to be a separate species, Anoptichthys jordan: Distribution Cave form in underground waters of Mexico; surface form widespread from Texas to Panan a Description Shape small, elongated, fairly i t sided, with a profile curved equally above and below Adipose fin present; anal fin with long base Color surface form; a silvery to light brassy sheen on sidus, back olive Cave form; monotone pink tint with a silver sheen; eyes minute, completely buried beneath si- n Size: up to 3jin (9cm). Sexual differences females become thickset

Environment Temperature preferred temperance 64 -75 F (18-24 C). The subterranean form is said to tolerate temperature range of 63-89 °F (17-29 C> pH: 7 5. Water hardness hard water is preferable Illumination. full lighting for the surface form, subdued lighting for the cave one. Substrate deep sandy botto^i the cave form can be given large caves made from stones Furnishings not too thick; shadow-loving plants Feeding Omnivorous; a voracious eater. Biology Behavior lively, peaceable schooling ' 1 Reproduction the surface and cave forms can Lie crossed with each other, Social life and compatibility 3- specimens of the surface form are good for a communal tank, the cave form are best kept in a species tank

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