Blue Panchax

Aplocheilus panchax

Family Cyprinodontidae.

Distribution India, Indochina, Sri Lanka, Mair,ySj and Indonesia; several geographical forms Description Shape: flattened head and back, dorsal fin placed well along the back, smoothly roui.rJ9cj ventrally Anal fin long-based and large; very long ge pectoral fins; pelvic fins small and somewhat elonc; The caudal fin is shaped like a spade Color gene:,: y a grayish yellow, with the back darker. Each scale I. a bluish center with a dark border around the edge. Size up to 3 in (8cm). Sexual differences, females much paler, fins more orange.

Environment Above all a surface creature Tern/ ra_ ture.68-71 F (20-25 'C).pH: neutral. Water hard/ , ss: soft water Illumination. intense lighting, shade- by floating plants Substrate dark Furnishings Lots of plants. Cover the top of the tank, as the fish are excel :nt jumpers.

Feeding All sorts of live food, also a little dried fooc Biology Behavior, a relatively peaceable schooling fish which lives in the uppermost water levels. Reproduction very easy. Large eggs, ^in (1.6— 1.8mm in diameter, the young fish quite large Social life >d compatibility. keeps in schools; good to keep with fist es of the middle and lower water levels, as long as these, re as big or bigger.

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