Cardinal Tetra

Cheirodon axelrodi Family Characidae.

Distribution Tributaries of the Rio Negro and the Orinoco.

Description Shape: long and thin. Color: brilliant red lateral stripe begins at the tip of the snout and reaches to the base of the tail fin. extending over the belly and throat Luminous green lateral stripe. Back reddish brown, belly silvery. Size: 1Jin (4cm). Sexual differ ences: the female is a heavier fish, with a fuller belly. Environment Temperature: 73-75'F (23-24°C) 79-82 "F (26-28 °C) for breeding pH: 5.5-6 5. Ilium nation, substrate, furnishings: medium lighting wilh plenty of space for free swimming: background of alternate light and dark water plants; black tank bottom Feeding Omnivorous; small live iDod, especially fruii flies (Drosophila), necessary whan conditioning for breeding.

Biology Behavior: a lively, active, sociable ftsh from the "black-water region." Reproduction difficult in captivity The adult fish should be removed after theegçi-have been laid. Soft, slightly ac<d water is best for breeding. Social life and compatibility : lives peaceably i ' schools and can be readily mixed with other species of similar habits.

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