Chinese Barb

Barbus semifasciolatus

Family Cyprinidae Distribution Southeast China. Description Shape: medium-long barb. Adult spoCl mens have highly arched backs. A short pair of barbei ^ ori the upper jaw at the corners of the mouth Color back light to reddish brown. Sides metallic green or yel green, with brassy or golden sheen below. Whitish t iv turning orange-red in males at mating time. Nume: jus color variations. Size 2J-3in (7-8cm). Sexual dr ences: females dully colored; become very bulky. Environment Inhabit running water. Tempera;: re 68-75'F (20-24 'C); 79 *F (26'C) for breeding r>H and water hardness: of little importance; tap water will usually do. Illumination and furnishings: good lighting and oxygenation. Half to two-thirds thick vegetation; the rest for swimming. Feeding Omnivorous.

Biology Behavior: a lively schooling fish, tending to frequent the upper water levels. Reproduction: mating iS fairly violent. Eggs are medium-sized, yellowish, they hatch out after 25 hours. Very prolific. Compatibility good to keep with other peaceable fishes

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