Clown Loach

Botia macracantha

Family Cobitidae. Distribution Sumatra and Borneo. Description Shape the body is thickset The sides are somewhat compressed, the belly profile almost straight. The dorsal fin arises in front of the ventral tin-four pairs of barbels. Color: basic color a bright ora red, marked with three wedge-shaped velvety-bia^ vertical bars. Typically, all fins at least partly blood red Size, up to 11 ¿in (30cm) Sexual differences unknown Environment In flowing and still waters; a bottom fish Temperature: 75-86 °F (24-30 °C). pH and water hardness: no special requirements. Illumination, substrate. furnishings: subdued lighting. Deep, soft sanely bottom, with two-thirds to three-quarters ol tank planted, the rest as swimming space Provide plenty jf cover. Regular addition of fresh water necessary. Feeding Omnivorous.

Biology Behavior: a lively schooling fish, although older specimens in particular are often solitary; clicking noises are made as a territorial signal Reproductio unknown. Compatibility easily kept with peaceab e schooling fishes.

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