Coolie Loach

Acanthophthalmus kuhlii nntli » »r U1314

Family Cobmdae.

Distribution From the southern part of the Malayan peninsula to Sumatra, Java and Borneo Description Shape eel-shaped, elongated, slia-,t|v compressed sides, very small fins. The dorsal fin smarts behind the middle of the body, the anal fin well be-'nd this Eyes covered with transparent skin. a movable spine beneath them, four pairs of barbels, no lateral ne Color fifteen to twenty dark brown to black vertical i:1rs the gaps between them salmon pink to yellov sh Underside light. Size 3in (8cm). Sexual differences unknown for nonbreeding fish; females often bee me monstrously fat before spawning. Environment A bottom dweller which burrows into soft places. Temperature: 75-86 *F (24-30 °C) ph slightly acid or neutral. Water hardness: soft wat -below 10 ' general hardness Illumination: subdued at bottom of tank Substrate and furnishings a thick layer of soft sand, wilh additional cover in Ihe form of sione cavities, flowerpots or coconut shells. Thick vegetation; some humus on the bottom Feeding Omnivorous

Biology Behavior: very active at twilight and nig it-time; often buried in the sand by day. Reproductioi in the wild, the fish spawn communally in very shallow water Social life little known. Compatibility. easily pt with other nonaggressive fishes

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