Cryptocoryne Lingua

Cryptocoryne lingua

Family Araceae. Distribution Borneo

Description Beautiful small plant, at most 4 in (10 cm) high. The leaves, which resemble little spatulas, are oval, bright green and fleshy, with a round tip, th leaf base narrows into the stalk, which constitutes half t< two-thirds of the length of the leaf. Propagation Easy propagation by rhizome divisior Note that aerial plants multiply more rapidly than submerged ones.

Environment Temperature: best around 77 F (25 "C) but the plant will live wed between 60 "F (16 °C) and 86'F (30 X). pH slightly acid Water hardness: very soft. Illumination: C lingua, like aJI Cryptocoryne species, does not require too much lighi and even shuns excessive light. Soil: the best soil would be composed of equal parts of sand, field earth and clav uuii Dun however, the plant will grow in sand alone.





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