Cryptocoryne spp.

Family Araceae. The name Cryptocoryne is derived from the Greek kryptos (hidden) and koryne (club) referring to the club-shaped arrangement of flowers rj the stem enclosed in a sheath of leaves. Distribution Tropical Asia.

Description Members of the genus Cryptocoryne ,-e aquatic, perennial, stoloniferous plants (produce g shoots and buds) with oblong or linear leaves sometin 's chordal or oval. Cryptocoryne beckettii is a species li exists in several forms. Its leaves are 4in (10cm) ot so long and | in (2 cm) wide, with slightly wavy veins. 0! a of its forms has reddish median and lateral edges. Propagation By division of the rhizome (the underwater base of the stem).

Environment Temperature: 68-86 "F (20-30 *Ci, best around 77 °F (25 X). pH. slightly acid Wa r hardness: soft or very soft. Illumination normal St sand may be sufficient, but one-third loam, one-th i garden earth and one-third sand is recommended Note Cryptocoryne species are probably the be t plants to use in warm aquaria.

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