Dwarf Gourami

Colisa lalia

Family Seiontiidae. Distribution Indian subcontinent. Description Shape: body an elongated ovoid, very compressed. Dorsal and anal fins reach almost to caudal fin; pelvic fins extend into long threads. Color: bright red basic color; males have a slanting double row ol luminous light blue-green to emerald spots which also extend onto the fins. Head-and-shoulder region and belly brilliant blue-green. Caudal fin and rear end of anal fin red, pelvic fins orange. Size 2 in (5cm). Sexual differences: body color of females is much paler. The anal and dorsal fins are rounded. Environment Temperature: needs warmth-75-82 'F (24-28 X). pH and water hardness: no special requirements. Illumination and furnishings thickly planted tank with medium lighting and a covering of small floating plants. Feeding Live and dry food.

Biology Behavior: territorial, but extremely peat able and harmless. Reproduction: bubble-nest buildf Algae, floating leaves and plant stems, etc., are incorporated into the nest Multiple acts of spawning, eggs are looked after by the male. Compatibility: swtat for coexistence with other territorial species. Caution A good jumper.

Freshwater Gourami Aquarium Fish List

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