Dwarf Suckermouth Catfish

Otocinclus affinis

Family Loricariidae. Distribution Southeast Brazil Description Shape: slender catfish with sucking mouth. Narrow-based but fairly high dorsal fin, no adipose fin. Twenty-three or twenty-four bony plates arranged in a row along each side of the body Color. ground color a light greenish gray to muddy yellow, darker back; whitssh or light yellow underside. Fins are colorless or slightly green. Size: up to in (4cm) Sexual differences: mature females much bulkier-Environment Inhabit running water. Temperature 68-73 °F (20-23 'C). pH and water hardness: un-important. Furnishings: ample vegetation with plenty of weeds and opportunities for cover. Feeding Mainly vegetarian, but also small worms. Useful as a consumer of algae in community aquaria. Biology Behavior: remains under cover during the day, feeding at dusk and at night. Mostly stays attached vertically to slabs of rock or plants. Reproduction: breeds like Corydoras. The small eggs hatch after 2-3 days The young must be fed with small Anemia naupln. m<cro worms or egg yolk powdered as fine as possible Social life and compatibility: territorial but harmless. Quite at home in a mixed aquarium, if there is enough room.

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