Emperor Tetra

Nematobrycon palmerj Family Characidae

Distribution Rio San Juan and its tributaries, Colombia.

Description Shape: club-shaped body, laterally compressed. Caudal fin cleft in the middle. No adipose fin; very long anal fin. Lateral line incomplete. Color: in males: brownish, shot with green or blue particularly on the forepart of the body, A broad black horizontal stripe extends from the hind edge of the gill cover to the elongated central rays of the caudal fin. The coloring of the smaller female is less brilliant, the central rays of the caudal fin only slightly elongated Size: up to 2Jin (5.5 cm).

Environment Temperature: 72-75 °F (22-24°C); for breeding 79-82 "F (26-28 °C). pH and water hardness: not important. Illumination and furnishings. medium, angled lighting and dark water plants. Feeding Live and dried food. Also a little plant food. Biology Behavior: peaceable, hardy and undemanding. Reproduction not very productive. Eggs laid on water plants. Social life and compatibility: must live in schools; also with other peaceable fishes.

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