Notopterus chitala

Family Notopteridae.

Distribution N chitala and three other species in Southeast Asia

Description Shape: elongated, very compressed body. The anus is very far forward. The anal fin is very long and forms a continuous fringe with the very small caudal fin. Its great mobility makes the anal fin the main organ of propulsion. Color: varies according to species, especially among the younger fish Photo shows a Notopterus chitala, which has a fine peacock marking. Size: differs according to species, from 8 in to 2 ft 7J in (20-80cm) in length; N. chitala rs one of the largest. Sexual differences. unknown

Environment Quiet overgrown backwaters of large rivers with underwater roots and half-submerged undergrowth. Temperature: 73-81 °F (23-27eC)■ pH: slightly acid to slightly alkaline Water hardness unimportant. Illumination: subdued Substrate: sand with a little humus Furnishings, richly planted Feeding Predatory; may catch quite large fishes. Biology Behavior At dusk the fish streak constantly around the tank in search of prey Very large tank is needed. Reproduction: little information. Social life. loosely-grouped schools. Adults particularly aggressive and live alone. Compatibility: not with small, peaceable fishes.









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