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Betta splendens Family Anabantidae.

Distribution Malayan peninsula and Thailand. Description Shape: slender-bodied with coi pressed sides. Long, broad anal fin, dorsal fin long ai d high. Rounded caudal fin. Pelvic fins narrow, pointed and elongated. Color: many beautiful color variations. Size: up to 2J in (6 cm). Sexual differences: female much plainerthan the male.

Environment Temperature: 77-86 °F (25-30 "C), the higher temperature only for breeding. pH and water hardness: not significant; it is best to use not-too-herd water. Illumination, substrate, furnishings: moderate or good lighting. Medium to thick vegetation, not too high a water level; soft bottom matter with a thin layer of humus; a sparse layer of floating plants and a we -covered tank to prevent the fish from jumping out, Feeding Chiefly live, but also dried food. Biology Behavior: the males are extraordinarily aggressive and indulge in vicious battles. Reproduction: builds bubble nests among water plants, the large air bubbles supporting the eggs. Remove the female after spawning, as the brood is looked after by the male. T: 5 eggs hatch after 24-30 hours; remove the male as well after about three days. Compatibility: do not keep mates of the same species together. Best in a species tank.

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