Firemouth Cichlid

Cichlasoma meeki t

Family Cichlidae.

Distribution Guatemala and Yucatan (Mexico) Description Shape: typical cichlid shape with I ge head Upper profile much more arched than the lowgr one. Color: basic color a bluish gray with purple shj,_.n The back is darker, the belly a yellowish olive, the t ¡gj and lower jaw a magnificent brick red. All scales, especially on the sides of the body, have a red stripe, so : at the body has a netlike appearance. A black line ext ds from the top edge of the gill cover to the tail bate, often divided into individual spots There isa large, round gray-edged patch in the middle of the body. Size up to 6 in (15 cm); sexually mature from approximately 3in (8cm). Sexual differences: female has duller coloring, and the spines of the anal and dorsal fins are less pronounced.

Environment Even in springs and underground waters. Temperature: 68-73 T (20-23 °C), 75-7S F (24-26 °C) for breeding. pH and water hardness not important; middle values the best. Furnishings: can be kept easily in well-planted tanks. Feeding Live food, plus a small amount of plant food. Biology Behavior: for the most part relatively peaceable. Reproduction: forms stable pairs. Social life ai d compatibility: territorial; should be kept only with otl r cichlids.

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