Freshwater Halfbeak

Dermogenys pusillus

Family Hemiramphidae. Distribution Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand. Description Shape: elongated body with narrow caudal peduncle; dorsal and anal fins opposite each other and set very close to the tail. The elongateci immovable lower ¡aw is typical, forming a kind of "flytrap" with the movable upper jaw. Color: upp.-;f surface dark; sides of body gleaming silver with a mother-of-pearl sheen; sides of belly creamy-white to yellow. Some populations have a black and a red late* i stripe on the lower jaw. Size males up to 2\ in (6cm, females up to 2|in (7cm). Sexual differences: in the male the foremost ray of the anal fin is shortened ^nd formed into a sexual organ.

Environment Fresh or brackish waters (river estuaries). always near the surface. Temperature 64-72 -(18-22°C), avoid high temperatures. Water hardnt and density: neutral, hard water; additional sail recommended—2—3 teaspoons per 2 gallons (10 liter water. Furnishings: wide, shallow tank with sponu. plants floating on the surface. Feeding Live food only. The diet should be varied Biology Behavior: schooling fish, living near t surface. The males are very aggressive. Reproduction live-bearers. Compatibility: can be kept with schooling fishes occupying the middle and lower strata of the tan1

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