Giant Danio

Danio malabaricus


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Family Cyprinidae.

Distribution West coast of India. Sri Lanka Description Shape: elongated, laterally very con . pressed, deep-bodied for a danio. Profile of under ;e more strongly convex than the back: pointed head, hit; set mouth, one pair of barbels on lower jaw. Size 4. ,n (12cm); sexually mature at 2j-21in (6-7cm). Se> iai differences: the male brilliantly colored, the central bli,o line on the caudal peduncle is straight. Environment Running waters. Temperature-68-70 "F (20-21 "C) in winter, 72-75 'F (22-24 X) .n summer; 77-82 °F (25-28 °C) for breeding. pH around 7. Water hardness: medium-soft to medium-hard wat Illumination and furnishings large and above all elongated tank with plenty of swimming space (at le<:;t two-thirds of tank) and thick background vegetation Good lighting; for breeding, morning sun and fir leaved feathery plants.

Feeding Eats dried and live food. Give lots of insec t during breeding.

Biology Behavior: lively, peaceable, undemanding schooling fish. Leaps energetically, so make sure t! -tank is properly covered. Reproduction: breed easily, bi, eat their own eggs. The young should be given very smal live and dried food. Compatibility: good to keep wir: other schooling fishes.

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