Giant Gourami

Colisa fasciata

Family Belontndae.

Distribution Bengal. Burma, Thailand, Malayan peninsula.

Description Shape: elongated body, very compressed; long dorsal and anal frns. Pelvic tins elong . . ^ like threads. Thickened upper lip, especially on the ma 5 Color: highly variable according to provenance anj breeding strain. Brown with a greenish sheen, and wi;h several narrow orange-red to red stripes slanting diagonally backward. Back fairly dark brown, chest "and belly blue-green, often with a purple sheen. A brilliant blue-green spot on the gill cover. Size: up to 4-J n (12cm). Sexual differences: female less strongly colored, with the dorsal and anal fins rounded; these ar% elongated into a point in the male. Environment Temperature: 75-82 "F (24-28 X. pH and water hardness: no special requirement... Substrate and furnishings: well-planled tank including feathery-leaved plants (two-thirds to three-quarters i tank area); plenty of floating plants to provide cover; (h-s remainder free swimming space. Some humus to be left on the bottom. Feeding Omnivorous.

Biology Behavior: a lively fish, somewhat timid! before becoming acclimatized to the tank. Repro duction bubble-nest builder, very productive. Cor patibility: peaceable, easily kept with other fishes.

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