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Osphronemus goramy

Family Osphronemidae Distribution The greater Sunda Islands Description Shape : oval, strongly compressed sides Head very small: thick, protruding lower jaw Pelvic fins have threadlike elongations. Young fish slimmer with more pointed head. Color: adult specimens brownish, with dark back and lighter belly Size 1 ft 1 J in (60cm), often up to 3ft 3Jin (1m) and 22lb (10kg). Sexual differences females have rounded anal and dorsal fins. Environment In quiet waters, preferably clean with plenly of vegetation, but also in slimy ponds and mudholes Temperature. 63-81 "F (17-27 C). pH and water hardness: no specific requirements Furnishings large tank with some floating plants for cover. Feeding Omnivorous

Biology Behavior: breathes atmospheric air using its respiratory organ called a labyrinth. Reproduction: bubble-nesi builder. The male guards the young. Social life: very peaceable. Suitable for indoor aquaria only when young, as they grow very fast. Compatibility very suitable for community tanks.

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Betta Fish

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