Gymnochanda Filamentosa

Gymnochanda filamentosa

Family Centropomidae. Distribution Malayan peninsula. Description Shape similar to the ordinary glass perch {cf. Chanda ranga). Moderately long, very compressed in profile. Large eyes (one-third of head length). No scales. Color: transparent. Male, when good color, honey yellow to delicate yellowish brown Body cavity covered with a silvery membrane. Six to ter delicate vertical bars. Reddish mouth. Yellowish, transparent fins. Dark rays to dorsal and anal fins. Female much less brightly colored. Size: up to 2in (5cm) Sexual differences: males have blackish membrane between the extremely elongated rays of the second dorsal and anal fins.

Environment In shallow, brackish waters. The fish is very similar to Chanda ranga. bui even more sensitive to conditions.

Feeding Only small living food. Biology Comparable to the ordinary glass perch, and has even been bred in the same way, though the young fish never grow the splendidly elongated fin rays.

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