Indian Glassfish Glass Perch

Chanda ranga

Family Centropomidae. Distribution India, Burma, Thailand. Description Shape: rhomboid body shape, deep profile, flaltish sides; large eyes; two separate dorsal fins set very close together, the second rounded. The spine and swim bladder can be recognized through the muscles, together with the gut, prgmented with particles of guanine. Sexual differences: the mature male is much more brightly colored, and the fins bigger. The male's swim bladder is pointed at the rear; the female's is rounded.

Environment All types of water, even brackish Temperature: 64-77 *F (18 25 "C). pH 7-8. Water hardness and density: medium to extremely hard water The fish's condition will be enhanced by a small addition of salt (preferably sea salt), 3-6 teaspoons to 2 gallons (10 liters) of water. Substrate and furnishings: amplf vegetation, dark bottom material. Feeding Only smalt, well-chopped-up live food wil be taken. Plenty of small crabs and enchytraeids Biology Behavior: strictly territorial. Reproduction breeding is relatively simple. One pair of fish can product about 200 young They should be fed on rotifers and Artemia nauplii three times a day. Compatibility unsuitable company for lively schooling fishes.

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