Julidochromis ornatus

Family Cichlidae.

Distribution Lake Tanganyika, in rocky areas. Description Shape: slender body, almost completely cylindrical, with prominent pointed snout. Small mouth set low. Color: basic color white to gold. Three clearly marked brownish-black lines along the back, the uppermost passing through the base of the dorsal fin, the lowest extending from the snout through the eye and the middle of the side to middle of the tail-fin base. Size male 2i-2|in (6-7cm); female somewhat smaller. Sexual differences only in size. Environment Temperature: 72-77 °F (22-25 CC) pH: around 8. Water hardness: hard water. Furnishings: reasonably large tanks with hiding places (stone prominences with recesses, flowerpots, pipe sections, etc.).

Feeding Both live and a little dried food. Biology Behavior: territorial, but easy to keep with other Tanganyikan cichlids. Reproduction: propagate freely. The young are tended by the male or by both parents.

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