Leaf Fish

Monocirrhus polyacanthus Family Nandidae.

Distribution Amazon basin, Rio Negro and westerr Guyana.

Description Shape: egg-shaped, thickset, very point ed head, mouth forming an extensible tube. The lower lip has a strong barbel. Color: very strong marbled coloring which varies in relation to mood; streaked, and yellow or brown; can resemble a dead leaf. Three thin dark lines extend from the eye suggesting the veins of a leaf. Size: up to 3Jin (Bern). Sexual differences unknown.

Environment Temperature: 72-77 *F (22-25 °C) Water hardness: very soft. Furnishings: large, well-stabilized tank with thick vegetation-Feeding Exclusively a fish-eater, eating almost its own weight of food per day. Great care needed to avoid upsets.

Biology Behavior: extremely interesting. It imitates the movements of a dead leaf, sneaks up on its prey and at the last moment sucks it in and swallows it. Reproduction very simple display. Eggs are laid on plants, glass ot stone and are looked after by the male. The female should be removed. The young hatch after 3-4 days. Compatibility: keep only a few individuals in a species tank.

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