Lemon Tetra

Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis

Family Characidae. Distribution South America. Description Shape: fairly elongated body with nar rowish cross section: has an adipose fin. Color: glassi transparent; light lemon yellow in tone; sides of bod silvery with an ill-defined shiny horizontal stripe on a level with the spine. The first rays of the anal fin are brilliant yellow and sharply divided from the succeeding rays, which are black. The dorsal fin is similarly colored Large eyes, the upper half of the iris a brilliant red. Size up to 2 in (5 cm). Sexual differences: the anal fin of males has a broad black fringe which is relatively narrow or missing completely in females. Environment Temperature: 72-79=F (22-26 "C). pH and water hardness: soft, slightly acid water Illumination and furnishings: strong lighting; plenty of background vegetation and ample free swimming space iniiCBicmzEM Feeding Both live and dried food.

Biology Behavior:schooling fish which should not be kept isolated Exhibits characteristic mating display Reproduction: difficult to breed, since the female reputedly often has difficulty in starting to spawn. Compatibility: peaceable and good to keep with other schooling fishes of similar size.

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