Longfinned Characin

Alestes longipinnis

Family Characidae.

Distribution Tropical West Africa, from Sierra L<one to Zaire

Description Shape elongated body, very orn pressed sides, dorsal fin approximately in the midd- ■ 0f the body, adipose fin present, very large eyes Color back olive green to yellow, sides muddy yellow w n a beautiful silver sheen. Underside silvery white Size up to 64 in (16cm). Sexual differences: male high-bar • with dorsal-fin rays extending as far as the cauda im The female has a crooked line along the back and a similar one along the belly, the dorsal fin does not !Ve extended rays.

Environment A schooling fish occupying the mi J|e water levels Temperature 73-77 *F (23 -25 °C) H value about 6 5 Water hardness up to 10l ger ral hardness. Illumination: strong lighting, some in Substrate dark bottom, some floating plants. Fun flings: a large tank with about half its area planted Feeding Live food, plenty of insects and vegetatn Biology Behavior lively, peaceful schooling ;h. Reproduction: prepare a tank 3 ft (1 m) deep with w ier of pH 6-7 and 6 7s general hardness and some r. on netting held down with stones as a support for the c js The young fish eat rotifers. Social life and compatib y good to keep with other African characins.

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