Lyretails Aphyosemions

Aphyosemion spp. Family Cyprinodontidae

Distribution Tropical West Africa from Nigeria to Zaire, chiefly in slowly flowing or still waters. Description Color: very varied Species in photograph is possibly A Christyi Size from to 5 <n (3 ;o 1 3 cm). Sexual differences the females of most species are far less striking and colorful than the males. Environment Most were originally inhabitants of the tropical forest; only A, bualanum is found exclusively in the savanna Temperature: 64-72 "F (18-22 =C). pH: 6.5 is usually sufficient, but some species require pH down to 4.5. Water hardness: soft to medium-hard water, many species must have soft water. Illuminate subdued lighting Substrate peat, preferably sterilized. Furnishings: preferably feathery-leaved plants. Feeding Generally eat insects in the wild, and these will be needed for their well-being in the tank: ihe female's capacity to produce eggs often depends on th1; Biology Behavior: a surface fish swimming aboui in schools just under the surface of their native shallow pools in search of food. Reproduction according to species, they lay eggs on the bottom or on plants ® perennial varieties only). Social life: in large groups °r two females to one male, according to species Compatibility: unsuitable for a community tank

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