Mailed Catfishes

Corydorasspp. Family Callichlhyidae

Distribution Tropical South America; about 70 species occurring from Colombia to the Rio de la Plata Description Shape:short and thickset with an archt back and flat belly, more or less compressed in cross section. The adipose fin lies in an unarmored area, an; the snout is unarmored also. Size 1J-4^in (3-12cm. Sexual differences female larger with rounder belly-Environment Shallow spots in slowly moving, al most still waters. They find a stretch of sandy bottom and remain there chewing plant matter. Temperature 59-86 *F (15-30 X) ; many species can withstand this wide variation, others not 75-77 "F (24-25 °C) is usually adequate for good maintenance and breeding pH. around 7. Water hardness: 5-10° general hardness Substrate and furnishings : a large tank with an extensive floor area and not too high a water level is recommended Also water plants or some other form of cover. Feeding Omnivorous.

Biology Behavior: schooling fish. Reproduction : the fertilized eggs are caught up by the female in a kind of pocket formed by her pelvic fins folded together. The young are best kept in a glass tank with no bottom covering and should be liberally fed Compatibility : very peaceable : can be kept with other aquarium creatures.

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