Marbled HatchetftSH

Carnegiella strigata


Family Gasleropelecidae Distribution Amazon basin, (he Guyanas. Description Shape: unmistakabfe shape; strain^ horizontal back. From under the slightly high-set mou'h the "keel" runs in a semicircular curve. From the anal • n the underside continues almost in a straight line up to i e caudal peduncle. Most notable are the very long, winglike pectoral tins. Color: basic color yellowish ,r greenish, often pale purple with a marked silvery sheen n places. Size: up to 1 jin (4.5cm). Sexual difference.-unrecognizable, except that the eggs are visible in the female.

Environment Said to originate in woodland strean Temperature: 77-86 *F {25-30 °C).,p«. 5.5-6.5. Wa:, r hardness: soft water. Illumination, substrate, furnis:, ings: subdued lighting; surface should be covered wn floating plants; dark bottom matter and fairly Ihick vegetation (up to half of bottom area of tank) Feeding Live food, small flies; occasionally a lit; dried food.

Biology Behavior: schooling fish, always resting near the surface of the water, also able to leap distances of 3-5yds (3-5m). Reproduction: no reliable reports ar ■ available. Social life: a peaceable schooling fis; Compatibility: keep with fishes that occupy the low levels of the water.

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